Following closely the trends in fashion and materials, creativity and originality are the main tools used to create new models.


The partnership between the client, designer and modeler, supported by CAD/CAM computer systems, allows the birth of the prototype designed from the ground up for future industrialization.


Supported by traditional cutting systems (seesaws and cutters) and automatic cutting machines (CAD/CAM), technique and knowledge are always present. The natural or synthetic materials obey the specificities that determine the quality of the final product.


Responsible for more than half the time required to produce a pair of shoes, it is a sector that has several processes, both automated and manual.
It is the mastery of putting the pieces together more quickly and efficiently, which implies human resources with knowledge and experience.
It is a traditionally female section and has the largest number of labor, given the variety of operations involved.
The final product in this section is called a vamp.


Leaving the seam, the vamp will mold itself to the shape, receiving its ideal shape. Using different types of construction, the cut is finally ready to receive the sole and, finally, result in a shoe.


Upon reaching the final stage, the insoles and laces are placed and the shoe is finished according to the specifications of each order.


The packaging is customized to the client’s taste.
The box, the bag, the labels and the tissue paper have to follow the defined instructions, it is not just a simple operation.
When opening the box the client has to feel the harmony of all the work.